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Comprehensive Wellbeing Fundamentals ProgramTM

Agile’s CWFPTM is a mental health and wellbeing training program for organisations and their employees that is co-constructed with employees based on the psychosocial hazards and employee needs identified in the organisation. We examine the interdependence between positive workplace culture and individual wellbeing; and develop tools to improve both the 'I' and the 'we' in the workplace.

Features of the service

Sixteen modules to choose from, with evidenced-based practises that lead to better employee mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

Organisations choose eight modules from the 16 based on suitability and need.

The program is delivered via interactive webinar in two-hour blocks.

Before delivering this program, we work with an organisation to tailor it more specifically, and reflect their goals – we will ensure employees gain the most value from the program as possible.

More information

The Comprehensive Wellbeing Fundamentals Program is informed by evidenced-based clinical practice, social neuroscience and practical experience of the complex organisational context employees work within.

The aim of the Comprehensive Wellbeing Fundamentals Program is to provide psycho-education and practical skills-building relating to the individual and the organisational  groups’ wellbeing and self-care.

The program covers a fundamental “problem being discussed in many organisations today about where responsibility lies – who is responsible for what, and what does this mean for my mental health and wellbeing? (The I/WE relationship).

Module breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the modules we offer within the Comprehensive Wellbeing Fundamentals ProgramTM.

The ‘I’ in the ‘We’
  • Our mental health and wellbeing, a socially mediated individual experience.
  • Identify your own signs of distress, and develop the rest of the course based on your unique needs.

Group 1: I (Yourself)

  • Your unique purpose
    • Identifying your own unique purpose.
    • How knowing your unique purpose leads to better life decisions, and improved quality of life.
  • Developing a healthy relationship with emotions
    • Emotional intelligence fundamentals.
    • Understanding self helps understand others.
  • Developing health habits
    • Learn how we form habits.
    • The ABCs of developing a behavioural action plan that works.
  • The importance of sleep & exercise
    • How sleep effects your mental & physical health.
    • How to develop a good sleep hygiene, and exercise plan.
  • Fatigue & Exhaustion
    • Did you feel like you were hobbling to the finish line in 2022?
    • Understanding flow, how to restore energy, and how to unleash new energies.
  • Managing Anxiety
    • Understanding the contributing factors to anxiety, and developing a graded exposure plan.
    • Exercises to down-regulate your nervous system: Polvagal Theory and vagal toning exercises.

Group 2: We

  • Resilience in the face of social complexity
    • Understanding the social complexity of the workplace.
    • The importance of resilience, and how to build it.
  • Developing reciprocal, mutual and trusting relationships
    • The dignity of being truly seen and valued within a social group.
    • Developing assertive behaviours and compassion for others.
  • Relationship intelligence
    • Power is present in every relationship; recognise what sort of power is present in your relationships.
    • How to develop boundaries based on individual need, and social context.
  • Interpersonal deep listening
    • Fundamentals of deep listening.
    • Skill-based practical exercises.
  • Social engagement system - I/WE relationship
    • Building personal autonomy and agency in a social context.
    • The social elements that support personal growth.

Group 3: Work

  • Workplace mental health
    • What is the social engagement system and how does it relate to workplace mental health?
    • Why is it so important to focus on our collective mental health.
  • Cultivating compassion at work
    • Developing self compassion and self worth.
    • Cultivating compassion for others in the workplace.
  • Navigating interpersonal conflict
    • Managing internal distress when in conflict with a colleague.
    • Practical skills exercises for boundary-setting and connecting.
  • Difficult workplace conversations
    • How to prepare for difficult conversations in the context of a workplace request, interpersonal difference or conflict.
    • Practice exercises: how to de-escalate conflict and work towards common ground.
  • Designing joyful experiences at work
    • A restorative component of our mental health and wellbeing, experiencing joy as a group.
    • Identifying activities that promote the experience of joy at work.
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